Blogger Review - Logitech M280 Mouse

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Written from the perspective of someone who relies heavily on her mouse, the blogger of Sugoi Days shares her review on the new and colourful M280.


After 4 years of faithful servitude, it finally happened. My laptop's touchpad lost its touch. Like literally. I can barely control my cursor with the touchpad now and on top of that, whenever the laptop is plunged in and charging, the cursor runs amok and just starts clicking at random, causing me to accidentally erase my work multiple times. Several times, I have come very close to chucking my laptop out the window...
It's amazing how something as simple as a touchpad could be taken for granted. Then fortunately, I managed to get my hands on the latest Logitech M280 mouse. Compared to the M235 mouse, this one had a more ergonomically form for comfortable use. In other words, it fills my palm much better this time, making it perfect for long hours of usage.

It even has side curves for me to rest my thumb and pinky while gripping it and the soft rubber grips makes it so much more comfortable to hold it.

Much like the M235, the M280 is a wireless mouse with a  plug-and-forget nano receiver which is now permanently plugged into one of my laptop's port holes. I can just leave it in there, stuff my laptop into my bag and head off to work without worry of loosing it. In fact, I have even left the mouse at home by accident once instead of the receiver. When not in use, the bottom of the mouse features a small storage pocket just for it.
One AA battery can supposedly last for over a year but depends on its usage of course. Another plus point is its ability to put itself to sleep or standby mode when not in use. This saves the battery life and me the hassle of turn it off should I need to leave it idle on my desk or bag.

And most impressively is its precision tracking that allows the mouse to be used on even a bed (which the M235 could not be used on) thanks to Logitech's Advanced Optical Tracking. Its Advanced Optical Tracking allows smooth cursor control, precise tracking and easy text selection. Very convenient for a person who works at a desk and then on her bed.

This is perhaps the ideal solution to my touchpad-less state as it is as simple and hassle-free as a mouse can get with all the added benefits of a cordless, energy saving device. Not to mention, I really love the way the red mouse just stands out so vibrantly alongside my apple green laptop. It's so ideal for light, non-competitive gaming and is compatible with major operating systems. The Logitech M280 mouse comes in three colours; red, blue and black and is priced at a suggested retail price of RM59. For more information, visit
The Logitech M280 mouse comes in three colours; red, blue and black and is priced at a suggested retail price of RM59. For more information, visit

Porki Society Boat Noodles

WARNING: Non-halal. May induce cravings and hunger pangs.

Boat noodles seems to have taken off in the Klang Valley. Within a span of six months, two boat noodles places have opened up within Petaling Jaya alone but they are in no way each other's competition. Simply because one of them serves pork.

Oh yes. A huge majority of Rantaurians are pork lovers and there was no way we could not say no to pork. Living up to its namesake, Porki Society in Seapark was the pork version of boat noodles, keeping true to its Thailand counterparts.

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Lego Star Wars Miniland in Legoland, Johor Bahru

Who here grew up playing with Lego bricks and building and rebuilding their dream home or city with just their imaginations? Who here has done so while humming the March of the Empire under their breaths? And instead of their dream house or city, they are building the Death Star.

Well, to all those Star Wars Lego nuts in Malaysia, the mothership has landed in Legoland JB.

IMG_2640*Cue music*

In a southern part of Malaysia far far far far far away (from Kuala Lumpur), a new attraction has opened up within the colourful world of Legoland Malaysia. In an event that was as grand as the franchise it represented, the doors were opened to the media from Singapore and Malaysia for a sneak peak of the attraction.


Well, it was more of a different planet that was out of this world than an attraction. Several different planets in fact.

Did you know....that Legoland Malaysia's Lego Star Wars Miniland is the first of its kind to be held indoors and in an air-conditioned building? So if you need to escape the heat and humidity, you now know where to go!

At the entrance, guests are greeted by the stoic forms of C3PO and R2-D2. Moving along, they will enter a room where they are entertained by a short clip starring a random Stormtrooper and Darth Vader. And upon entering the doorways into first section, you are greeted by a lovely display of colours and craftsmanship.

DSC_0083Walk in further into the other sections and admire the different planets of Star Wars.




DSC_0172And once you are drawn into the worlds of Star Wars, what better way to end the tour that with a store selling only Star Wars lego sets. Feel free to go crazy here as you will find a magnitude of lego sets that will just make your inner child squeal in delight.

DSC_0188Even if you missed the chance to buy the Death Star at this store, the shop by the entrance also carries more or less the same sets of Lego Star Wars for your shopping pleasure.

Eye-candy in Your Palm

Sorry for the lack of delays, readers and followers! It has been a cray-cray month for the entire team with some of us attempted to jump ship but we persevered like the tough nuggets that we are. Much like how you persevered from the lack of updates. *Malu malu...*

To cuci mata (wash eye) a bit,  here are a few eye-candies for you to feast your sight on. Pleasing to the eye and with ample curves to fill the palm of your hand, the Logitech Colour Collection Mouse comes in four vibrant colours; Bubble bath Red, Green Envy, Daring Diva and Blue Bliss.

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BTS: Rakuten Blogger Session@Gardens Cafe Midvalley

Give two girls free reign of an entire floor of the Garden's Cafe, Midvalley and within an hour, they have reshuffled every table and chairs to suit their seating arrangement  needs. Can't get anymore hands on than that.


At T-3 hours to Rakuten Malaysia's first ever Blogger session, Senri (the intern) and I arrived at the venue and immediately started setting up for the event. Client was due to arrive in a couple of hours for a meeting and to see the set up and we wanted something to show for it.

DSC_0794Hence the dragging and moving of tables and chairs. Mind you, it wasn't an easy task as the tables were of different shapes (and heavy!) and the chairs were taking up more space than needed. But we managed. Somehow.


And when the client arrived at 4pm, we were more or less set and ready. With the venue arrangements. There were still clothes to be steamed out, bags and shoes to be laid out, stickers to be stuck everywhere....

DSC_0804At 6pm, bloggers started pouring in. Well, tickling in like the rain outside that evening. Taken in by the airy and garden-like theme of the cafe, they started doing their thing which were OOTD (outfit of the day) and mingling amongst each other. All the bloggers wore something from Rakuten and each and every one of them looked fashionable. Rakuten offers all sort of fashion wear to suit any fashion style and with every purchase you make, you gain points too!

DSC_0807The event kicked off with a few words by yours truly followed by Rita from Rakuten before we made way to fashion photographer and stylist, Alexio Yeoh. Needless to say, the bloggers were drawn in by his explanations and tips on the latest fashion trends.

DSC_0820 DSC_0853 DSC_0874Dinner was served throughout the event, kicking off with Garden cafe's delicious wild mushroom soup and followed by a choice of either Coffee-braised lamb shank or seared salmon. Having tried and tasted the food before the event, Senri and I both agreed on the lamb shank for its juicy succulent meat. As for the coffee-braised part, we couldn't really get a taste of it. Rita agreed with us. The salmon would have been great had it not lost its heat. Note to self: salmon looses its heat fast.

DSC_0905 DSC_0910

To end the night and the event, tiramisu and hazelnut cake was served. While the hazelnut cake was dry and ended with us picking the nuts off the top, the tiramisu was a win with its soft spongy layer that were rich in espresso. Yummy!

DSC_0921Our dear bloggers shared our sentiments too, thanking us again for the lovely event (if we may say so ourselves) and the interesting talk by Alex. Well, bloggers, we are glad you had fun and look forward to working with you again.

Again, thank you Rakuten for letting us be a part of this fun campaign that brought out the fashionista in all of us.

Signing off,
Tania 'Fun Size" Wee

MH370, come home

Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine this happening in reality - a massive plane going missing over the Gulf of Thailand just like that. This is the stuffs of movies and novels and in those fictions, there is always a hero who beats the bad guy, saves the day and lands the plane somewhat intact and without casualties. I think I just described the plot of Liam Neeson's latest movie, Non-Stop, ironically about a plane in trouble.

But for the passengers and crew of Flight MH370, there is no action star on-board because these are real people. People like you and me who just wanted to go to Beijing for whatever reason and return to their loved ones. People who have seemingly vanished off the face of the earth.

It has been a month since and each day since the whole world wonders and hope that perhaps you are stranded on an undiscovered island near Australia. We can only hope and wonder and pray. Come back to us, MH370.

Give us and the families of your passengers, the closure they need.

We are in the TOP 10 of Advertising & PR

Join us as we celebrate this milestone.

Scroll down if the gif is giving you a seizure.

Rantau PR has been recognized as one of the top 10 public relations and advertising companies in Malaysia by Top 10 of Malaysia. I know, I know. The news has been shared months ago but only today, we found the online version to proof our awesomeness.

Read about it here >>> Of  Advertising & Public Relations – The Top 10

Party on and party hard. Just like we do at Rantau PR.

Farewell, Kiat

Saying goodbye is always a sad thing. It's even sadder when the person departing leaves an void in the lives of those around them..

In our case, Chin Yin Kiat has left the team without a Chinese-speaking Chinaman consultant! Who will now help us converse with the Chinese media in fluent Chinese? (Okay la, we do have colleagues who can speak Chinese as well but not without the Kiat flair) Who will point out our finances and expenses on a whim without us asking for it? Who will make us laugh with his single-sentence remarks that always has us clutching our tummies in laughter?

Chinaman Kiat

Well, Rantaurians are never one to hold back their colleagues and friends from pursuing their dreams and so, with a heavy heart, we wish Yin Kiat good luck in his pursue of his dream to become a K-pop manager.

To honour his memory, I mean, to bid him goodbye, the office threw him a surprise lunch party on his second last day. The theme: Chicken rice. Because that was his favourite meal. K-pop songs played from our Logitech speakers, a homage to a client that Kiat was familiar with. Logitech too wishes him all the best in his endeavors.

Even our bosses who could not be there in person took the time to Facetime Kiat at his party to wish him all the best. (Ah, the wonders of technology).


Kiat gave his speech, not without making us laugh as usual and of course, couldn't resist a photo with himself.

DSC_0206Before the bosses signed off, we couldn't resist rubbing our scrumptious spread in their faces especially the glistering roasted pork and succulent barbeque pork bits. (FYI: There are a lot of pork fans in the office, bosses included)


But as this was Kiat's party, we didn't forget rice and chicken as well.


Safe to say, Kiat approved of our party theme.


What is a party without gifts and once everyone was stuffed with chicken and pork and were slowly slipping into a food coma, the presents made their appearance.

Perhaps afraid of wasting wrapping paper, our guest star slowly and delicately opened up his gifts and found...



Think of these as gifts to get you started on your Kpop journey. We at Rantau PR will miss you dearly, Chin Yin Kiat.

As sobbed out by
Tania 'Fun Size" Wee

#NescafeSamBangun Launch, Talent Lounge

Last Wednesday morning, the intern followed her colleagues over to an event at Talent Lounge, Damansara Perdana. Guess what? That place is just PERFECT for photoshoot session! Yeap, okay. No one cares.

Anyway, back to the topic. NESCAFÉ Cans together with Shaheizy Sam showcased the much-anticipated single ‘Bangun’ to the members of the media and 20 lucky fans. Gotten a table, arranged the press release and got prepared for the media. COME TO US!

As a coffee addict, the intern is extremely HAPPY to see so many cans of coffee. But then again, those coffee aren't for her to drink. *mumble*IMG_20140212_111402The 'Bangun' single was inspired by the 50,000 inspirations submitted by Sam’s fans during ‘People Powered’ Nescafé on Sam campaign period. Nescafé Cans has created this opportunity for Shaheizy Sam to work with the renowned composer cum producer Audi Mok and the local artist, Liyana Jasmay.

According to Jasmmine Wong, the Business Executive Manager of Nestlé Liquid Drinks Malaysia and Singapore, this was truly a Malaysian campaign where it was Inspired, written, produced and sung by Malaysians for Malaysians. The single ‘Bangun’ was a truly Malaysian song resulting from the truly Malaysian Nescafé on Sam ‘People Powered’ initiative.

It was also during this event that we discovered that our team leader, Kavita was secretly moonlighting as Sam's Personal Assistant. I kid. She just adored him so much to the point she was following him up and down the cafe. She will protest and claim otherwise but all those who were there knows the truth.


Besides the interviews and Q&A during the event, Sam and Liyana also performed 'Bangun' live! The song was so catchy and fun that the people around started singing along too! A link will be shown later at the end of the post so that you guys can go crazy of the song as well. Teehee.

What's an event without food right? It was finally the time to enjoy the YUMMYLICIOUS food served by Talent Lounge. They got pasta, lamb, desserts and etc.


The dessert below was definitely THE BEST ever especially when 'the chocolate explodes in your mouth' (to quote one of the Rantau-ians, Nasya) Unfortunately....I don't remember the name of this dish. If you so happen to be there, show them the pictures and they'll know. MUST ORDER OKAY! It was so good that we tapau-ed the leftover back to the office.

ps: Later, when I got back to the office, another colleague told me that this dessert was called Chocolate Pecan Tart, Talent Lounge's well-known dessert (remember that well!) before she proceeded to finish the remaining tarts. It was just that good!

As promised, here's the link for all of you to enjoy the video! Click here >>> link

IMG_2271 copy

That's all for now! Have a can of Nescafe to brighten up your day!

Hello Kitty / Kickapoo / Senri Ning / the Intern signing off to get her dose of coffee. Tada!

Great Eastern Life 'Live Great Space'

Did you know that Great Eastern began its operations in 1908 as a branch office of The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited? Other than being an insurance company, Great Eastern Life launched its first integrated health and wellness programme - Live Great Programme in April 2012 to inspire Malaysians to lead a healthy lifestyle by being physically and mentally fit.


They also came out with a mobile app that allows users to discover their health status, receive information and health tips. However, the app is only available on iTunes now. (Too bad, Android users but it's okay, I heard the app will be available soon on Google Play!) I think that this is a pretty inspiring programme as many have taken health for granted where people just eat and drink as they like, not knowing what’s gonna happen if those food were taken in excessively.

“As a LIFE company that is committed to helping Malaysians live healthier, better and longer, Great Eastern Life has set up the Live Great Space, designed with the welfare of our customers and members of the community in mind. The Live Great Space is an interactive centre that extends the reach of our health and wellness support by sharing knowledge on health and wellness related matters at a centralised on-ground venue,” said Dato Koh Yaw Hui, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Great Eastern Life.


The Live Great Space was launched on Tuesday and it offered a series of complimentary health and wellness workshops and events. The Space complements the five core pillars of the Live Great Programme, which are workshop and events, wellness tools, health tips, mobile apps and exclusive privileges.


The crowd started their morning with some exercise by the trainers from Celebrity Fitness.


Oh oh! Great Eastern's ChildrenCare Mascot, Sunny Lion made an appearance too! Of course, smartphone became everyone's best friend during that time to capture their moments with Sunny Lion.


Dato’ Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya, Deputy Minister of Health Malaysia, who officiated at the launch of the Live Great Space, with Dato Koh witnessing, “The Ministry of Health has always welcomed the private sector to initiate efforts that can help improve the health of Malaysians. Great Eastern Life’s Live Great Space is one such initiative that can contribute to better health and wellness. I applaud them for their endeavors to improve the physical and mental health of the people, and I encourage other corporations to come forward to share similar knowledge.”

IMG_0994 copy

IMG_2377 copy

Now, visitors to the Live Great Space will be able to ‘discover’ their health status via complimentary health checks, obtain ‘recommendations’ on areas for improvement through consultation and counseling and will be guided to take the necessary ‘action’ to better their health via special privileges offered by Live Great merchant partners such as Celebrity Fitness, Athlete Circle and BP Healthcare.


Oh. The Rantau-ians also practice the importance of health by walking 15 minutes in the morning sun from Jelatek LRT station to Menara Great Eastern that day! Awesome kan!

Kthxbye from Hello Kitty.
aka Senri Ning aka the Intern