An Intern's Experience at the Office

Our former intern Ana shares her experience working with the Rantau family.
I am eager to share my internship experience at Rantau PR as it has been a long wonderful journey working with such a talented team. The internship overall was a positive learning experience. It helped me to reinforce my career choice. I had many opportunities to reach my objectives, develop my skills and learn new ones. This was a valuable kick in personal development. Over the four month, I came to know the public relations area and people who work in this area. I managed to identify which of my skills require more attention to be addressed for further development. Relationships between public relations, clients and media are built on many different levels, such as culture, objectives, politics, economy - in the end, everything contributes to the building a strong bond between people we meet.
It has truly been a wonderful internship experience. I am very glad to meet the professional team I have worked for, learned from and made friends with. The people who guided me throughout the whole process gave me the right directions to follow and lots of freedom to express myself as a fresh communication graduate. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by such passionate people in media field. Without proper guidance and education I would’t have achieved the same results.

I’m satisfied with the knowledge and experience gained during the internship at Rantau PR. I enriched my educational experience through practical work and projects. I had an access to see things in action and learned a lot from the working team I joined. The work in a pr agency is challenging at times, but most importantly, it was educating and fun! It opened new horizons and connections for my future.


A message from the team to Ana:
We're glad you got a lovely experience, Ana and you have been nothing but tremendous help and a great addition to the family. Feel free to drop in to say hi or for a bite (you know we love our food) whenever you are in the neighbourhood.

For internship applications, just drop us an email with your CV at info@!